Choose to Read the Bible

We do have a choice to start reading the Bible (God's Word).  Most people do not desire to do this because of multiple reasons. But when you push aside those excuses and decide to start reading it, God honors and blesses. Then when you ask HIM to help you with reading, understanding/interpreting, applying, and obeying, He will help you with this FOR ABSOLUTE SURE! Try this today - I challenge you to make a decision to start reading the Bible everyday.  Start with 5 minutes per day for 5 days.  Then continue for another 15 days.  Then start reading a bit more.  I encourage you to make this a lifestyle of reading the Bible daily. This will be one of the BEST decisions you have ever made.  The Bible is God's instruction book for all mankind for every day of our lives.  I have learned so many incredible truths that has blessed me in every aspect of my life.

Just some of what God taught me in His Word (and I'm certainly not perfect at this) is:

More loving - I don't need to push my agenda nor my faith and instead just love, love, love
When I offend or hurt someone, I am immediately convicted and I've improved in the area of humbling myself and apologizing (refraining from rationalizing my sin)
Cultivating a much more sensitive heart towards people, especially people in need
Can actually hear from God now, rather than wondering what is His will; He tells me everything in His Word on how to respond to everything
Remain peaceful while trusting, even through the toughest of times
Think of others rather than just myself; I ask everyday for God to help me to make a difference in someone else's life
Loving God more than my sin (sinful ways)

Discovering God's will through an accurate knowledge of His Word and beginning to think as He thinks is the beginning of a new life for anyone who desires one.  Will you choose right today?