Fear vs. Trust


What I've learned about trusting vs. fearing is the closer I get to God by spending intimate time with Him is when I'll BELIEVE (trust) Him more than my fears.  His indescribable love casts out the fear. I believe that God's got it (whatever I'm dealing with), He's in charge, He's doing His work in me, He allowed it for His reasons, He'll give me all I need to endure until He ends the suffering, and He wants to show Himself through me.  When I CHOOSE to obey Him (with those things) and believe these things even though it's really hard, He rewards me with His amazing righteousness and favor.  Each time an opportunity occurs, I trust Him a little more. Then each time I'm faced with another thing that requires trust, I "remember" His faithfulness and I choose to trust Him again.  That is the cycle of spiritual growth.  It's always a CHOICE that I make on trusting or fearing. Sometimes I do both throughout an issue but the closer I've come to God, the less I fear.  This is God's principle of "replacement."  Replacing fear for trust; replacing wrong thoughts with right thoughts; replacing lies with truth; replacing despair with joy; replacing whining with praising. etc.  All of these are CHOICES.  Hallelujah!  Hope this encouraged you today!