Each new year brings with it, for me, a time of self-evaluation and goal setting.  As I have evaluated last year, I find I am not happy with some areas.  One such area is my spiritual growth and walk with Jesus.  I have found myself trying to fool my closest friends, loved ones, myself and Jesus.  How silly, trying to fool Jesus.  I imagine Him looking at me and saying, "now Susan, what are you doing?"  This year I have been broken and sometimes briefly lost my hope and joy.  Life brings hardships and challenges.  How we face these makes all the difference between a life of anger, resentment, weariness, fear, or thankfulness, joy and a realization that Jesus is in control and nothing touches me except those things that have passed through His nail-scarred hands.  Jesus can fix the messes I find I am in.  I learned a long time ago that I don't need a voice of thunder for me to believe He is there.  My goal for this year is to come to a more complete vision of Jesus, who He is and what He has in store for me.  Quite the challenge, right?  To accomplish this means, for me, to surrender to Him, asking for help, and marvel at His faithfulness. I am looking forward to this, knowing that all I need is Jesus.  

Susan B.