Does Jesus Really Know or Understand?

There have been questioning times in my life where I this question has come to the forefront of my life.  How about you?  It nags and nags me until I start feeling guilty.  Then I feel guilty that I feel guilty and am questioning.  What a merry-go-round!! 

I just recently went through this game (if I dare call it that).  It was a time that I wondered how my rent would be paid because of a massive amount of unexpected bills.  First, I was mad. Then anxious and fearful.  THEN, I decided to take it before the Lord.  Why do I generally take it to the Lord as the last resort?  A big hmmmmm....

Now, I have a part time job valeting parking.  You would think that tips would be good, not the case.  One day I picked up a car to deliver it to its owner.  She had a Christian radio station on.  I love this, when it happens.  She pressed some money into my palm and told me to have a blessed day.  When I looked she had given me a $20 bill.  She had no idea of my situation.  

The next day I picked up another car, again having money put in my palm, all folded up.  I shoved it my pocket because I was busy.  When I had a chance to look at it, it was a $100 bill.  I was shocked. I asked someone if it was real and, yes, it was.  I didn't take it to bank for several days because I kept expecting her to come back and claim it.  Really, Susan (that's me)?? Shame on me.  I had forgotten to say, Thank you, Jesus! Will I ever learn? 

So, does He know and care about our every need?  You betcha. Did my rent get paid?  You betcha!! 

~ Susan B